Rule Cards

Cat Hoarders: a card game of Cat Collecting

Objective: Players take turns playing cards in an attempt to be the one to collect the most cats.  The game is over once any player collects all six colors of Cat, but the winner is the one with the most cats in play. 

Set Up: Two to six people can play. Split the deck of cards into two piles: Cat Chow and Action/Cat Cards. Remove the play instantly cards from the Action Cards. Each player is dealt six cards: three Cat Chow and three Action Cards. Additionally, each player starts with one litter box in play. Shuffle back in the play instantly cards to the Action cards. The player that owns the oldest cat in real life plays first. 

Game Play: To begin your turn draw one card from either the Cat Chow deck or the Action Card deck. To play a cat you must have one litter box for every five cats and the right amount of cat chow. litter boxes have no casting cost and are free to lie down during your turn. Cat Cards have a casting cost in their top right corner. Discard the right amount of cat chow and lay down your new cat in front of you. You now own it! You can combine or spread out cat chow costs to play multiple cards. Cat Chow is also used to play Action Cards as desired. Your turn ends if you can no longer play anymore cards or if you wish to pass. If by the end of your turn you hold more than eight cards you must discard from your hand. Reshuffle decks as needed.

Cat Chow

Kittens: Kitten Cards must meet certain requirements to play in the game. To lay down a Kitten Card you must own a male and female cat as indicated by the initial in the top right corner of your cat cards. The parents must be different colors and match the two colors on the Kitten Card. The kittens count as three cats and therefore a player must have enough litter box cards in play to keep them.  If the requirements are met and the player pays the right amount of cat chow then you can own the three kittens! The kittens once in play can be traded or stolen with out needing the matching parents, but litter box rules apply to the new owner. Kittens count as both colors for scoring purposes.  


Dog: Dogs can be played on any player once casting Chow is used. Dog can be removed from play with bone, various pet removal cards, or be traded to a player. More than one dog can be played on a player. 

Dog and Bone

Fire Man: This card allows you to rescue a pet that is about to be placed in the discard. It is played out of turn as needed as long as player turns in the right amount of casting chow. If the player does not own the pet they can choose to take it to own if they have the litter box space. If it is the Dog that is rescued then the original owner will remain to own their Dog. You can not rescue pets from discard after a player's turn ends.


Play Instantly: As soon as these cards are drawn the action must be taken place by the player. At end of turn the card is placed in the discard.

Play Instantly

Colors of Cats: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, and Red.

Pet : When a card can be applied to both cats and/or dogs the term "Pet" will be indicated on the card. 

Pet: When a card can be applied to both cats and/or dogs the term "Pet" will be indicated on the card.